SkyPanel S120-C LED Light

So, as we know, ARRI’s LED Soft Light SkyPanels come in a range of shapes and sizes: S30, S60, S120, S360. However, this post (for the most part) is going to focus on the SkyPanel S120-C.


ARRI SkyPanel S120-C LED Light Rental NycCharlie next to an S120-C for scale!


The S120-C is perhaps the most intermediate of the S series lights. It features a light aperture of 1290mm x 300mm, making it large enough to fulfill a large number of applications. Meanwhile, it is approximately the same weight as the S60, though the S60 has half the light aperture. This increased aperture size means nicer light, and more of it. The S360 has an even larger light aperture, at nearly six times that of an S60. However, they weigh in at close to 100lbs, making them slightly more difficult to move or reposition.

All lights in the SkyPanel ‘C’ line have a color temperature able to be adjusted from 2,800K to 10,000K. They also feature full +/- green correction with the turn of a knob. Additionally, the user has full control of the vividness and the saturation of the color.


Rent ARRI SkyPanel S120-C LED Light Nyc


ARRI SkyPanels are designed to meet a large range of lighting needs, making them extremely versatile throughout the line. These lights will deliver beautiful, even, soft light to your subject. Moreover, they can even compete with natural sunlight.


• 28mm Spigot Mounting
• Full RGB+W Color
• Approximately 31lbs
• LED Lifetime of 50,000 Hours

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