Arri L10-C Color LED Fresnel Light

Rent Arri L10-C Color LED Fresnel Light Nyc

This week, we want to draw attention to Arri’s largest L-Series Lamphead, the Arri L10-C Color LED Fresnel Light. This light is part of Arri’s renowned L-Series of lights. The L10 continues the rugged reputation Arri lighting fixtures are known for. It is housed in a casing constructed of aluminum, and fiberglass-reinforced thermoplastics. As a result, the L10-C is a durable piece of equipment. However, weighing in at approximately 45 pounds, it is a bit on the heavy side. Although, given the capabilities of the Arri L10-C Color LED Fresnel Light, this is justifiable.

The L10-C is an extremely efficient RGBW LED. This light consumes a mere one fifth of the power of your tradition 2K lights. However, it outputs a light equivalent of 1700 Watts! Furthermore, this light can withstand a diversity of professional environments, be it a movie set or television studio or on-location setting.


Arri L10-C Color LED Fresnel Light Rental Nyc


Now let’s get down to the features! This light has the capability to have its hue, tint and color temperature continuously adjusted from 2,800K to 10,000K. Additionally, it features full plus or minus green and RGBW throughout the range. This light features a 10″ Fresnel lens as well an extremely powerful light output. This high light output allows the user to place objects farther away and creates a more natural wrapping of light around subjects. Moreover, the L10 is more than twice as bright as the L7 – making it one of the brightest LED Fresnels on the market.


Arri L10-C Color LED Fresnel Light Rental Nyc


• 10.8” Lens Diameter
• Full RGB+W Color
• Focusable Fresnel
• 15° to 50° (Half Peak Angle) Beam Angle


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