Heden YMER-1 Wireless Follow Focus Kit

Rent Heden YMER-1 Wireless Follow Focus Kit in Nyc Brooklyn


The Heden YMER-1 Wireless Follow Focus Kit is a sleek and intuitive wireless focus or iris control unit. It also features an optional wired zoom control via LANC. Heden brought some very exciting new features to the table with this unit. We’ve had a great time trying them out and are excited to share them with you!

The first feature to point out is Heden’s all new LenSaver Calibration™ (patent pending). This new technology is a new, unique way of calibrating a follow focus system. To use this feature, just press the calibration button. Next, move the lens by hand from end-stop to end-stop. Lastly, just press the calibration button once more. That’s all! This addition makes the Heden YMER-1 Wireless Follow Focus easy and fast to use.


Rent Heden YMER-1 Wireless Follow Focus Kit in Nyc and Brooklyn


The YMER also boasts a new feature called Manual OverrideTM. The Manual Override allows the user to take manual control over the lens without jeopardizing calibration.


Operating the YMER

The Heden YMER-1 Wireless Follow Focus allows for uninterupted wireless transmission up to 500 meters, or 1,640 feet (line of sight) away. In addition, the control knob features adjustable resistance and is controlled via smooth rotary movement. This gives the user full control over the lens movements. Moreover, this wireless follow focus allows you to set adjustable limit points for easy focus front point A to B. It also has a precision mode for more exact control over an adjustable range. By pressing the ‘camera run’ button, the user can easily start and stop recording from a distance. Finally, this unit features mounting point on the transmitter. This makes it convenient and easy to attach to other devices!

• 6.4oz
• Compatible with Hedén motors M21VE-L, M26VE, VM35, LM30 and CM55
• Indoor Range of 15-100 meters
• Line of Sight Range of 500 meters

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