MYT Works Camera Sliders

Rent MYT Works Camera Sliders in Nyc and Brooklyn

Modularity and Versatility

MYT Works Camera Sliders were designed by filmmakers for filmmakers. They are precision engineered to adapt to the evolving climate of cinema, TV and video production. MYT Works has achieved this by making their sliders incredibly modular. This allows the user to easily breakdown the equipment for portability purposes. Alternatively, the slider’s modularity allows the user to easily mount it to c-stands, tripods, and beyond. Furthermore, MYT Works has a patented 3-in-1 Camera Slider Dolly System. This includes the high-hat, slider, and rover dolly. That’s three different camera set-ups in one package!


MYT Works Camera Sliders for Rent in Nyc and Brooklyn

Durability and Precision

As these sliders range in size, so do they in weight. The lightest slider weighs in at 13 pounds while the heaviest weighs 54 pounds. Furthermore, MYT Works sliders are durable. All sliders feature double-extruded aluminum alloy rails. This inflexible material eliminates the need for center support.

In addition, they feature what MYT Works refers to as “Hybrid Rolling Sliding Bearings.” These bearings allow for smooth and dampened motion while making it easy for the user to maintain control. The rolling element lowers the force necessary to make movement. Meanwhile, the sliding elements keeps the camera under control. This prevents unwanted backlash and overshooting, giving the user new levels of precision control.


• 13-54 Pounds
• 7”-9” Rail Span
• Constructed of Aluminum Alloy
• 80-150 Pound Load Capacity

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Watch the video below, made by MYT Works, to see these sliders in action.


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