Angenieux Optimo Ultra 12X S35 & U35 Spherical Lens Kit with FF/VV Rear Optics Lens

Available for Rent in New York City!


The Optimo Ultra 12X S35 & U35 Spherical Lens Kit from Angenieux includes the S35 and U35 lenses, along with the large-format FF/VV (full-frame/VistaVision) interchangeable rear optics modular lens.

The S35 lens is a long-range zoom designed for use in feature films, TV series, live stage commercials, and similar productions. It features an optical and mechanical design and the IRO technology which allows you to configure it to 31.1mm. Additionally, you can configure the lens with the U35 and FF/VV lenses. Each lens is constructed with front and rear caps along with a focus ring, zoom ring, iris ring, fixed marker, and a fixed marker cover.

  • Enables full-frame coverage
  • Allows you to control focal length and focus distance by creating a good balance between contrast and resolution
  • Open aperture, considered as ‘variable primes’, results in high-quality images
  • Low distortion
  • Utilizes aspherical elements to minimize color fringing
S35: 4.01′
U35: 4.01′
FF/VV: Up to 5.0′
  • Ergonomic focus ring with 321° scale rotation, and over 70 focus marks
  • User-changeable focus marking rings
  • PL mount lens, compatible with LPL mount