ARRI Chimera Dome M for Orbiter (20″)

Available For Rent in New York City!

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The ARRI Chimera Dome M for Orbiter is a 20″ fabric sphere diffuser that emits omni-directional light, great for illuminating a large area with a beautiful, soft quality of light. It includes two accessory skirts that you can attach to flag the light spread and help highlight the subject. The Dome easily attaches to the front of the Orbiter and forms a lantern shape. The speed ring is specially made to fit the QLM Quick Lighting Mount and allows the lightweight dome to be connected quickly and easily to the Orbiter.

Key Features:

  • For Arri Orbiter LED Light
  • Provides Omni-Directional Soft Light
  • Required Orbiter Speed Ring Included
  • Contains Digital Optics Identification

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