Canon 15-120mm Cine-Servo T2.95-3.9 Zoom Lens with 1.5x Extender PL


Capture up to 8K optical performance with your PL-mount camera and the Canon 15-120mm Cine-Servo T2.95-3.9 Zoom Lens. This HDR-compatible, ENG-style zoom lens’ 15-120mm focal length can easily be increased to 22.5-180mm for longer shots using its built-in 1.5x extender. Optimized lens coatings and 8K-compatible chromatic aberration correction help to reduce flares and ghosting, so your images remain clear and saturated. Compatible with both Super35 and full-frame sensors, the CINE-SERVO 15-120mm shares the warm colors and lovely skin tones of the rest of the Cinema EOS line and features an 11-blade iris for creamy bokeh effects.

Measuring just over 11″ long and weighing only 7.49 lb, this compact, lightweight lens is suitable for narrative, ENG, sports, and documentary use. Lens data is transmitted through the PL mount using Cooke /i Technology or ZEISS eXtended Data communication. The detachable, enhanced servo drive unit is compatible with industry-standard lens controllers and can be removed for cine-style camera setups.

8K Optical Performance
  • Offers 8K optical performance including chromatic aberration correction and reduced ghosting and flaring throughout its entire zoom range
Built-In Extender
  • A built-in extender increases the 15-120mm range to 22.5-180mm for telephoto use
Detachable Servo
  • The servo motor on this ENG-style lens can be detached for cine-style camera use
Canon Look
  • Like the rest of the Cinema EOS line, the 15-120mm provides a consistently warm balance, beautifully rendered skin tones and textures, and reduced focus breathing, and it has an 11-blade iris that produces natural-looking bokeh
PL Mount with Lens Metadata
  • Compatible with ARRI PL-mount cameras, this lens supports metadata communication using Cooke /i Technology or ZEISS eXtended Data