Canon K35 T1.6 24mm PL Lens

Available For Rent in New York City!


The Canon K35 T1.6 24mm PL Lens is weighs 1.5 pounds and measures 3.3 inches long.

History of the K35s:

Canon’s K35 lenses earned major notoriety when they won an Academy Award in 1977. Furthermore, these lenses have been used on several major features over the years including “Aliens” and “Rocky 2.” Canon’s K35 lenses have a reputation for producing beautiful, creamy images.

K35s Today:

Nowadays, the K35 lenses are often used to in conjunction with modern digital cine cameras. The combination of the rigid sensor grid paired with the softer vintage lens creates a look popular among modern day cinematographers. The use of the lens balances out the overly-sharp look yielded by today’s cine lenses. In addition, they have unique flares and halations which sometimes create interesting effects. At 40 years old, these lenses of course do not hold up to modern CAD lenses in terms of image sharpness. However, if you like the unique, vintage-y look, give these a try!


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