Dedolight DLH-2 150 Watt Spotlight Kit Rental in Manhattan and Brooklyn

Dedolight DLH-4 150 Watt Spotlight Kit

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Dedolight DLH-4 150 Watt Spotlight Kit

The Dedolight Standard Traveler 4 Light, 120 volt Kit is ideal for the mobile video crew. Three dimmable focusing lights and one softbox light are included, along with light-shaping devices such as filter holders, gel filters, and barndoors.
The DLHM4-300U is a 150 watt fixture with an on-board dimmer. The DLH4 is a fixture with an external dimmer that may run from AC, or your car’s battery with the included cigarette adapter cable. The DLH1000S is an open-face fixture with integral speed ring adapter that accepts the included medium (24 x 32″) silver interior softbox.


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