Kessler 5 Foot CineSlider Rental NY

Kessler 5 Foot CineSlider

Rent Kessler 5 Foot CineSlider in New York City.


Rent Kessler 5 Foot CineSlider in New York City.

The Kessler Crane CineSlider is a belt-driven, heavy-duty camera slider supporting up to 80 lb. It is made of reinforced aluminum, and the slide rails are on the inside, where they’re better protected from bumps and other types of impact. This model measures 60.5″ and has a travel distance of 51″. It is lightweight for a heavy-duty slider, weighing a portable 12 lb. This CineSlider supports 80 lb when placed on a surface or mounted on two tripods, and 25 lb when positioned vertically (25 lb is how much the robust belt can handle in that situation). This 60.5″ model cannot be mounted on a single tripod. It does not come with a crank handle, but you can add an optional Kessler Crank Handle at any time.


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