Leitz/Leica Cine MacroLux +1

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The Leica Cine MacroLux +1 diopter offers cinematographers and lens owners a creative way to get different looks and extend the performance of prime, zoom and anamorphic lenses with 95mm front diameters. The diopter, a secret weapon of classic cinematography for decreasing the minimum focus distance of lenses, has been reinvented for single sensor digital cameras. Often diopters are thought of as a tool for tabletop work on longer lenses, but the creative possibilities extend well beyond macro imaging into the world of the wide and the beautiful.

The secret of the Leica Cine MacroLux is not just what happens in focus, but what happens out of focus. using the Cine MacroLux on wide or mid-range focal length lenses throws the background further out of focus and accentuates beautiful elements like focus fall off and boken.

The modern lens design of the Leica Cine MacroLux creates a high performance optic with no perceptible light loss, spherical aberrations, color fringing or centering issues. The custom coatings offer it a high resolution and contrast along with a color temperature matched to the natural, neutral look of the Leica Summilux-C and Summicron-C lenses, although it also pairs well with other lenses, including anamorphics.


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