Transvideo Titan 6.5'' Wireless Video System Rental Manhattan, Brooklyn, Nyc

Transvideo Titan 6.5” Wireless Video System

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Rent Transvideo Titan 6.5” Wireless Video System in New York City.

Titan is ideal for all Body-rig operators: the signal remains stable even when both the Transmitter and the Receiver are in motion. Titan is very user friendly: the 4 channels are pre-dialed and accessible with the flip of a switch. No tools required. Titan Tx operates on 9-36v DC via the Lemo 2 or the Hirose 6 connectors. The Hirose 6 connector carries video in and accepts DC in.
As a 6.5″ RainbowII, the 6.5″ Rainbow RF Rx SuperBright features a professional native 16/9 LCD monitor, switchable between 16/9, 4:3 and Anamorphic. With the widest viewing angle available, it can be looked at simultaneously by several viewers. Integrating a built-in Titan Rx Receiver, it can be quickly switched between 4 channels. In addition, 2 external signals can also be wired to the monitor. The Titan is the first multi-directional real time microwave system broadcasting through obstacles without desynchronization of the video. It features an XLR4 for power input and can be ordered with professional battery sockets or with Smart Mini DV battery backs. The optional Remote walnut handle provides comfortable channel switching. The SuperBright technology offers a >900Nits brightness, which increases the LCDs ability to be used effectively in brightly areas.



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