Angenieux MSU-1 Universal Cine Servo with 3 Motors & Wireless Module for EZ-1/EZ-2 Lenses

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Built specifically for use with the Angenieux EZ-1 and EZ-2 lenses, the MSU-1 Universal Cine Servo with 3 Motors and Wireless Module from Angenieux is a removable lens drive unit that provides ENG-style control to the EZ-1 and EZ-2 cinema-style lenses. Built-in features you would expect to find on an ENG-style lens control grip, as well as a few extras, create a powerful combination when paired with your lens. The three lens drive gears are positioned to perfectly interface with your lens, and are 0.8 MOD to match the cine-style gearing. A run/stop button on the handle controls the camera, while the traditional zoom rocker is augmented by an adjustable speed control.

Further compatibility is ensured by the inclusion of Hirose and LEMO connectors. A built-in wireless module enables controlling the servo drive without a hard-wired connection. Those who wish to may control the servo with Canon or Fujinon standard ENG lens pan handles.

  • The MSU is self-aligning, mounting with three screws and a guide pin
Basic Functions:
  • Auto Iris: on/off
  • Rec: on/off
  • Return video
  • QZ (quick zoom)
  • Iris: momentary
  • Screen display
  • Menu display
Menu Display:
  • System modes: analog demand, digital demand, wireless, local
  • Iris control mode: auto/remote
  • Wireless frequency select
  • Firmware upgrade
  • Trigger automatic calibration
  • Lens data selection

Compatible with Canon & Fujinon standard ENG lens pan handles:

  • 20-pin Hirose – analog and remote control
  • 12 Pin Hirose – direct to lens port on camera
  • 4-pin LEMO – “I” protocol communication
  • 6-pin LEMO – MBUS port
  • Cooke I System – real-time data transfer, no storage
Wireless Control:
  • A built-in wireless module permits interfacing with Movcam wireless lens controllers, selectable for iris, zoom, and focus
Zoom/Focus Demand and Compatibility

Via a 20-pin adapter cable (not included):

  • Fujinon
  • Canon
  • Microforce
Remote Controller Compatibility

Via the 20-pin interface:

  • Cmotion
  • Preston
  • ARRI
Speed and Sensitivity
The motors have been optimized to provide high-speed motor drive while maintaining sensitivity and precision operation
ENG Style Operation:
  • Zoom speed
  • Q-Z switch
  • information display
  • VTR switch
  • Function selector
  • Display on/off
  • Return switch
  • Zoom operation switch
  • Iris operation changeover switch
  • Momentary iris auto switch