Anton Bauer Gold Mount Micro Battery Slide Pro

Available for Rent in New York City!


Power your Sony FX6 via a Gold mount battery with the Anton Bauer Micro Battery Slide Pro, which steps up the output voltage of your Gold mount battery to the 19.5 VDC required to power your camera via its DC input power port. The battery bracket supports standard- and micro-sized batteries, and it attaches directly to the extension unit connector on the top of your camera, which provides an anchor point for compact and secure connection of the plate to the camera without requiring you to mount it on support rods.

The attachment point also acts as a hinge for the plate, allowing you to access the camera’s BPU battery slot, allowing you to hot-swap Gold mount batteries, and change the Gold mount or BPU battery without turning off the camera. Each of the two P-Tap connectors provides unregulated power output from your Gold mount battery for powering accessories, and multiple 1/4″-20 mounting holes allow you to attach accessories directly to the plate.

  • The quick-hinge design retains access to the camera’s internal BPU battery compartment, allowing continuous shooting by hot-swapping internal and external batteries
  • The Battery Slide Pro plate steps up the output of a 14.4V battery to the required 19.5 VDC to power your camera via its DC-in port
  • The lightweight plate is small in size, for a small footprint when mounted on your camera, but it supports both standard- and micro-sized Gold mount batteries