Arri 1000w Plus Open Face Light

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Rent Arri 1000w Plus Open Face Light in New York City.

The ARRI Arrilite 1000W open-face light is designed for a wide range of film, video and photographic applications. Its primary features include. Focusable (spot to flood)
Smooth field, wide beam spread, maximum output
Thermoplastic housing remains relatively cool
Barndoor set and scrims alter the shape and intensity of the light
Multi-wattage, multi-voltage capable
Sharing all the same features, size, weight and accessories as the Arrilite 650, each Arrilite 1000 provides beam angles ranging from 65° in the flood position to 24° in the spot position. This 1000W fixture will throw a 695 footcandle beam 4.3 feet (1.4m) in diameter on full spot, from a distance of 10 ft (3m). On full flood it generates a 145 footcandle beam 13 feet (4m) wide from the same distance.