Arri SMB-2 Tilt Studio Matte Box



ARRI’S SMB-2 Matte Box Tilt Set includes the modular components needed to hold up to three 4 x 5.65″ filters in a tilting configuration. The SMB-2 is designed for use with most primes and smaller zoom lenses. This SMB-2 Tilt set consists of the SMB-2 Tilt matte box, a 138/114mm bellows ring, a two-filter stage, a one-filter stage, and the 19mm Studio Arm. The SMB-2’s modular design features stackable filter stages, a removable sunshade with captive screws, and rotatable stages with a rear, geared frame drive. The included bellows filter ring adapts to the tilt movement and accepts one 138mm round filter such as a polarizer. The swing-away front provides easy access to your lens without having to slide the matte box off the rods.

Three horizontal filter frames are included, one of which is geared for use with the gear mechanism on either the one- or two-filter stages. The gear function enables your AC to smoothly adjust a graduated filter as needed during a shot, such as when panning across a horizon or between areas with varying exposure levels. The SMB-2 will accommodate ARRI Master and Ultra Primes as wide as 14mm as well as the Alura series zooms.