Arri WVR-1 Wireless Video Receiver



he ARRI WVR-1 Wireless Video Receiver accepts video transmission from the ALEXA SXT W internal transmitter, or from the stand-alone ARRI WVT-1 transmitter. The ARRI wireless video system provides real-time, uncompressed wireless transmission for ARRI or third-party cameras up to approximately 2000′ with under 1 ms of delay. Up to four WVR-1 Receivers may be paired with each ALEXA SXT W internal transmitter, or stand-alone WVT-1 transmitter (available separately). Dual-channel audio, timecode, and a REC flag function are included in the 128-bit AES-encrypted signal. The WVR-1’s 10-bit output is compatible with HDR monitoring.

Designed for daily use on professional sets, the WVR-1 features a rugged, water-resistant and dust-proof design with protective connector collars. This receiver accepts power voltages ranging from 10.5 to 34V, suiting it for use with a wide range of batteries. With an inclusive operating temperature of -4 to 113°F, the ARRI wireless video system is suitable for a variety of locations.