Astera Titan Tube RGBW Wireless LED 8 Pack

Rent Astera Titan LED RGBW Tube in NYC AX-1 Pixel Tube



The ultimate film lighting tube for TV, cinema and photography.
Film Lighting Tube | Titan Tube was especially designed for the Film, Broadcasting and Cinema industries. Optimized for an ultra-high TLCI, a very high CRI and peak brightness, colors as well as Hue, Saturation and Intensity can be set directly on the tube. In addition, the Titan Tube now accepts wired DMX via a special power/data combination cable.
-Tunable White with range from 1,750K to 20,000K.
-16 individually controllable pixels
-2.8x the brightness in white for almost 2h (compared with AX1).
-Backside Display Quick access to DMX setup, colors and hue, saturation, intensity control
-Wired Data Connection (+Wireless DMX)DMX, Art-Net, sACN and power can be distributed via the PowerBox