Atlas 1.4x LF Expander PL Mount



The 1.4x LF Expander allows our Orion Series lenses to cover Full Frame (36mmx24mm) sensors with full anamorphic coverage and with light loss of only 1 stop. We include a handy check gauge with each expander to help you ensure the rear element/cone of the lens will not interfere with the expander optics.

If used with 35mm format (non FF/LF sensor), it extends your lenses by 1.4x (100 becomes 140, 80 becomes 112, etc.)

Optimized for Atlas Orion Series lenses but compatible with other lenses as well.

For more coverage options, please check out the Atlas 1.6x LF Extender.

Key Features
• 1.4x magnification
• 1 stop light loss
• PL mount in, PL mount out
• Index-marked adjustable back focus for optimal lens performance
• Back focus can be used for creative lens tuning depending on your lens
• Includes clearance check gauge for rear element
• Not compatible with EF mount