camRade wetSuit for ENG Camcorders



Rent camRade wetSuit for ENG Camcorders in New York City.

Protect your ENG-style camcorders from inclement weather with the camRade wetSuit. Specifically designed around the ENG Camcorders, the wetSuit protects your camera without inhibiting access to the controls or the LCD monitor. A cotton interior fabric serves to reduce noise from wind and rain. The wetSuit uses zippers and elastic fasteners to enclose and protect your camera in a weatherproof PVC wrap, while critical components such as the lens opening, viewfinder, and microphone are left unimpeded. This design provides your camera with the necessary cover, while keeping image and sound quality mostly unaffected. Once the weather clears up, the entire wetSuit can be folded down and packed into the included waterproof zippered pouch.