Canon LP-E6 Battery

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The Gold mount Titon SL 90 Lithium-Ion Battery from Anton Bauer provides the reliable power of a Titon 90 in a slim, lightweight form. Perfect for run-and-gun work, sports, and live streaming, this compact battery powers your Gold mount camera, light, and/or accessories without weighing you down.

An LCD screen displays the remaining battery time down to the minute and includes the power drawn from the P-Tap and USB Type-A ports in its calculations. The Titon SL 150 can provide up to 10 amps of current on a continuous draw, and it supports peaks of up to 12.5 amps for up to five seconds. Use the P-Tap and USB ports to power essential accessories on your mirrorless, DSLR, or 14.4V camera rig.


Powerful yet lightweight and compact 95Wh lithium-ion battery
An LCD screen displays remaining power down to the minute
Supports a continuous 10A total draw, and up to a 12.5A draw for up to a 5-second peak
Rugged design endures working temperatures from -4 to 140°F

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