CHAUVET DJ Freedom Flex H9 IP Weather-Resistant Battery-Powered RGBAW+UV LED PAR Kit with Charging Case (6-Light Kit)

Available for Rent in New York City!

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Lighting designers and event coordinators in search of a weather-resistant, wireless, battery-operated PAR kit should look no further than the Chauvet DJ Freedom Flex H9 IP, a 6-pack of IP54 rated, bright, powerful, and 100% wireless fixtures with a charging case, well suited for outdoor events, weddings, performance halls, and more. Each fixture has nine hex-colored LEDs (red, green, blue, amber, white, UV), which are rated for 50,000 hours and will provide years of reliable service. An adjustable kickstand enables you to shine light directly where it is needed, while the built-in glare shield prevents light spillage. A magnetic diffuser attaches to widen the coverage area.

Each of the Freedom Flex H9 IP fixtures include an integrated D-Fi transceiver to wireless DMX control with 3 control modes (6, 8, 16 channels). The rechargeable battery pack is replaceable and can be set to specific run times including 3, 5, 8, and 12 hours. Convenient, wireless non-DMX control is available using the optional RFC and RFC-XL remotes and customized colors can be created using the built-in LED display. The compact design allows the fixture to be placed inside trussing. The Freedom Par H9 IP ships with a power cord.

Key Features
  • 100% TRUE wireless, battery-operated, uplight package with built-in D-Fi transceivers
  • Swappable battery packs ensure the fixture is always ready to go
  • Charging road case simultaneously charges up to 6 batteries
  • Robust housing repels mother nature for temporary outdoor situations
  • New secondary optics provide perfect color blending with nearly no artifacts
  • Magnetic diffuser pops on or off with ease and widens the coverage area
  • Adjustable run times ensure the fixture will last the length of the event
  • OLED display allows for full-text and to easily change fixture’s settings
  • Built-in RF receiver for wireless control using the included RFC or optional RFC-XL remotes
  • Adjust the projection angle using the spring-loaded kickstand
  • Built-in glare shield protects light spillage and eye fatigue
  • Extend the fixture’s lifespan with the onboard charge and discharge protection circuitry
  • Achieve smooth LED fading with built-in dimming curves