Core SWX Hypercore NEO 9 Mini 98Wh Lithium-Ion Battery (Gold Mount)

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The Hypercore NEO 9 Mini, in a Gold mount, from Core SWX is a compact 14.8V, 98Wh lithium-ion battery that supports a constant 12A draw and peak draw of 16A. With this high output, the battery is designed for cine and broadcast applications, but, of course, it can be used for virtually all other applications as well. At only 4.7″ in height and weighing just 1.4 lb, it’s also highly suited for gimbal, drone, and other mobile applications. The Hypercore NEO 9 Mini has the ergonomic design, large backlit LCD, and protective over-molded rubberized housing that Hypercore batteries have come to be known for over their past releases, but this NEO 9 Mini version is a lot more advanced.

It’s microprocessor-driven like previous Hypercores, ensuring safety and runtime delivery to camera viewfinders or LCDs, but, leveraging the microprocessor, the NEO 9 Mini features an RFID transmitter on the front that lets you monitor the stored battery data via Core SWX’s VoltBridgeID iOS app or an RFID reader. Furthermore, the NEO 9 Mini has a more modular design consisting of less cabling, allowing for increased quality. With the different parts installed separately and securely inside the housing, the chance of failure is reduced in case of drops, and servicing the battery becomes a simpler, more efficient process as the different parts install plug-and-play.

In addition to the large LCD, the Hypercore NEO 9 Mini has an LED gauge on the side where the user can easily glance over at it. Other features include 2000 charge/discharge cycles, hibernation mode, and the ability to communicate to cameras as well as chargers with both one-wire and two-wire protocols (see the Features section below). Such an advanced battery wouldn’t be complete without peripheral support. The NEO 9 Mini provides a SmartTap D-Tap port and a USB port for powering/charging devices. The SmartTap port lets you power any 12 VDC accessory and transmit battery data if the accessory is able to communicate that information.

The Hypercore NEO 9 Mini is also widely compatible with many different chargers. This Gold mount version is compatible with Anton Bauer Gold mount chargers, among others.

Key Features

  • Compact and Powerful
  • The Hypercore NEO 9 Mini is a 14.8V, 98Wh lithium-ion battery supporting a 12A continuous draw and 16A peak draw. It’s only 4.7″ in height and weighs just 1.4 lb.
  • Internal Design
  • The battery features an eight-cell design utilizing Panasonic cells.
  • Runtime LCD
  • A multipurpose backlit LCD provides nominal runtime based on a 25W load, remaining runtime once connected to a device, and remaining charge time when on a charger.
  • Camera Communication
  • The Hypercore NEO 9 Mini can communicate to cameras as well as chargers with both one-wire and two-wire protocols.
  • Hibernation
  • The packs go to sleep/hibernate when there is no battery usage or movement after a 48-hour period. Once the battery is picked back up, it awakens.
  • SmartTap Port
  • Integrated “smart” D-Tap connector allows users to power any 12 VDC device while also receiving all battery data from the port.
  • USB Port
  • 5V USB port allows powering any USB accessory on the set as well as charge mobile devices.
  • Rubberized Housing
  • Over-molded, non-slip rubberized housing helps provide cell protection against accidental impacts.
  • Firmware Upgradeable
  • The NEO 9 Mini is firmware-upgradeable via its USB port.
  • UN38.3 Certified
  • The Hypercore NEO 9 Mini UN38.3 is certified for safer travel (depending on the airline carrier).
  • Storage Mode
  • The Hypercore NEO 9 Mini incorporates Storage Mode to protect self-discharge and help comply with travel regulations.