Core SWX Maverick Block Battery

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The Maverick Battery Block from Core SWX is designed to power all your lighting and camera needs in high-demand situations that come with filming on set. Sustaining up to a 20A draw on both of its 14 and 28V outlets simultaneously, the Maverick is built to provide you with professional power options. For flexible compatibility options, the outputs on this mobile power station include two 4-pin XLRs, two 3-pin XLRs, and two D-Taps for auxiliary devices, as well as a USB output for charging mobile devices that doubles as a firmware upgrade port. NiMH cells ensure longevity and travel ease.

A modular build design allows for quick service and replacement of inner battery cells. The battery block is compatible with legacy shipping cases and existing dolly install bases for adaptable setup. Using the built-in charger, the device can reach full power in just five hours when connected to 110 to 240 VAC. An LED array in the handle displays capacity or charge status while in use.

LCD Screen with Three-Phase Status Reporting:

  • Reports 100W dummy load runtime when not in discharge/charge
  • Calculates remaining runtime when in use
  • Calculates remaining charge time during charging

SmartTap Technology:

  • SmartTap output allows the user to read battery diagnostics on internal cell packs

Variety of Other Outputs:

  • Two 4-pin XLR outputs
  • Two 3-pin XLR outputs
  • Two P-Tap outputs
  • One USB output (doubles as firmware upgrade port by connecting a PC)

LED Array in Handle:

  • Illuminates when charging to display status
  • Can also display capacity status
  • Switch in handle controls brightness and disables array

Portable Design:

  • NiMH cells allow for safe shipping and travel
  • Form factor compatible with legacy cases

Water Resistant:

  • Aluminum modular design provides up to 7.5″ of water resistance