DJI Wireless Thumb Controller for Ronin-M

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Rent DJI Wireless Thumb Controller for Ronin-M in NYC.

Gain more control over your camera’s motions with the Wireless Thumb Controller for Ronin-M gimbal stabilizers from DJI. Point the camera in any direction and save preset settings for fast, easy operation. Moreover, the Thumb Controller simply clamps onto the Ronin-M’s handlebars for single-operator shoots or can be used remotely from a distance of up to 200′.

This controller features a custom, pressure-sensitive stick. This allows the user to change the direction, speed, or setting on their gimbal with just a touch. Additionally, the DJI Wireless Thumb Controller has a clear OLED screen, making it very intuitive to use. Finally, the controller features a built-in wireless battery with a charge lasting up to 18 hours.

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