DP Lumi FP-1×3 LED Bi-Color Flexible Light



Rent DP Lumi FP-1×3 LED Bi-Color Flexible Light in New York City.

For years, putting together a light kit that would be useful in many different applications meant buying a variety of fixtures and accessories. You would need hot tungsten for indoor scenes when you wanted 3200K. Bulky fluorescents with bulbs to change were needed in order to adjust color temperature… Expensive HMIs were needed to compete with daylight, and the list goes on. Furthermore, each of these examples would require the purchase of multiple accessories to make them function across applications!

These lights by DP Lumi are the culmination of three years of research, field testing, and prototype development. The DP Lumi FP-1×3 LED Bi-Color Flexible Light is durable, yet has an incredibly bright, yet very soft output. Color that is absolutely brilliant. And every light comes with all of the accessories you need to create beautiful images. What’s equally as impressive is that these lights are actually affordable, when compared to similar lights on the market.

“The flexibility and light output are my top favorite features of these lights. On a shoot where we had to shoot a conversation between two people, I was able to create a china ball affect by bending a 1×3. The light output was very soft, yet strong enough to compete with windows behind the subjects. DP Lumi lights will become an integral part of my lighting kit.” – Martin Cole, DP, via DP Lumi