Flowcine Gravity One 2-Axis Gimbal

Rent Flowcine Gravity One 2-Axis Gimbal NYC


Add two-axis gimbal stabilization to your EasyRig or other body-rig setup with the Black Flowcine Gravity One 2-Axis Gimbal. Adding the two axes of the Gravity-One (G-1 for short) to the EasyRig creates a three-axis stabilization system that doesn’t need power for brushless motors. The G-1 balances the camera on the tilt and roll axes while the EasyRig’s suspension cord creates the third pan axis.

Because the G-1 uses a purely mechanical design it doesn’t have the power or reliability limitations imposed by motors or other complex electrical components. The G-1 can support camera setups weighing from 10 to 37 pounds. The mechanical design also allows for the camera operator to make direct contact with the camera to orchestrate pan and tilt moves with little effort.