GoPole Dome Pro Underwater Housing

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Designed for swimming, snorkeling, and other watersports activities, the GoPole DomePro Over-Under Dome Port for the GoPro HERO10 and HERO9 action cam allows you to capture what’s above and below the water’s surface all in one shot.

If you position it about half way in the water with the other half sticking out above the water’s surface — and there are waterline markings on the rear that help you maintain the balance — it will let you shoot approximately half-and-half images. About half your shot will show what’s underwater and the other half what’s above the water. Whereas normally you can only shoot above or below with the same lens, the Over-Under Dome Port is optically corrected to achieve both simultaneously.

At 6″ in diameter, it’s fairly large so that it’s easier to keep part of it above the water. Also, when used only underwater, it’s designed to ensure depth and clarity in your shots. The Dome Port attaches to the HERO10 or HERO9 without any additional accessory or housing required. It has a built-in housing on the rear, and your GoPro simply inserts into it.

An optional handgrip can be very helpful for using the Dome Port. A 2-prong GoPro mount is provided on the bottom specifically for attaching a grip or various other single- and dual-handed supports.


GoPro HERO10 action camera
GoPro HERO9 action camera