Hawk-Woods RP-RAB1 Reel-Power 26v ARRI Rab Adaptor

Available for Rent in New York City!



Manufactured to attach directly to ARRI’S ALEXA MINI LF Metalwork (ARRI K2.0013937) via the ARRI RAB1 Clamp (ARRI K2.0014126)the Hawk-Woods RP-RAB1 plate provides a 26v Reel Power hot-swappable fitting with various outputs for powering further rigged accessories.

The RP-RAB1 boasts several outputs including:

2x 12V Regulated D-Taps
2x 12V Regulated Lemo 2-pin
1x 5V USB
2x 24V Nominal RS Fischer 3-pin
A much requested Lemo 8-pin Male DC Input has also been added to allow continuous power between the on-board Reel Power and a floor battery. The DC Input accepts nominal 24v floor batteries and users will find on the operators side of the RP-RAB1 two low level LED warnings, one monitoring the on-board battery and one monitoring the DC Input.

If both batteries are connected the DC Input will take primary power until discharged allowing an automatic swap to the on-board battery.

*Arri Metal work is not included.*


Model: RP-RAB1
Type: Reel-Power
Number of D-Taps: 2
Number of Lemo 2P: 2
Number of Fischer 3P: 2
Number of USB-A: 1