IB/E Optics Raptor 100mm Macro T2.9 PL/EF Lens

Available For Rent in New York City!



The IB/E Optics Raptor 100mm Macro T2.9 PL/EF Lens feature full frame (24×36) coverage, 1:1 magnification, and consistent T-Stop T 2.9. In addition, they have robust and durable professional cine mechanics.

Features include a maximum magnification of 1:1 and no change in length due to internal focusing. In addition, RAPTOR lenses have extended color correction (APO) and a T-Stop of T2.9 within all focal lengths. Finally, these lenses maintain a consistent distance from flange to iris and focus ring and a front diameter of 95mm.

Large format sensor digital cinema cameres (e.g., RED WEAPON 6K and 8K, Sony A7 or ARRI’s new ALEXA 65) deliver a “filmic” look and intruiging bokeh due to their very shallow depth of field. These new cameras require lenses that can cover the larger sensor sizes.


  • Maximum magnification 1:1
  • Extended color correction (APO)
  • T2.9 max. aperture
  • Consistent distance from flange to iris & focus ring
  • 95mm front diameter
  • 0.8 Mod focus and iris rings
  • Integrated lens support with post (180mm Prime only)