Kessler Crane Killshock Isolator Kit

Available for Rent in New York City!



The Kessler Killshock is used to remove camera vibration when shooting from vehicles like cars, boats, ATVs by isolating shock away from the camera via a set of shock modules. The isolator is based on a set of 8 modules with each containing 3 shock cables per module as it allows for proper weight distribution around the entire surface of the isolator and not just the corners. The KillShock comes standard with a set of 8 Medium Duty (Red) shock modules pre-installed, but it works with 8, 6, 4 or 3 modules to fine tune for your payload requirements.


  • Killshock Air Cushion: Insert for extra fine tuning, uses bike/air pump

  • 75mm, 100mm Mitchell Mount Adapters

Shock Modules:

  • Light Duty (Blue) and Heavy Duty (Black), which can be combined to create the perfect blend of isolation.


Inversion Kit:

Allows the KillShock to be underslung from a Jib, Crane, Dolly or other camera support



  • 100mm Ball Kit
  • Center Post
  • Flat Cheese Plate
  • Outer Post
  • Top Plate