Rent Lectrosonics UCR401/UM400a Wireless Lav Kit in Brooklyn and Nyc

Lectrosonics UCR401/UM400a Wireless Lav Kit

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Rent Lectrosonics UCR401/UM400a Wireless Lav Kit in New York City and Brooklyn.

This Lectrosonics system provides the Compact UCR401 Digital Hybrid diversity receiver with the UM400A body pack transmitter.

The UM400a transmitter is compatible with all Lectrosonics 400, 200 and 100 Series product groups. In addition, this unit can operate in its native Digital Hybrid Wireless mode as well as several other modes. Furthermore, the UM400a features a very unique power feature. The feature allows the unit to be used with any microphone, including high current condenser types. This makes the UM400a very useful in motion picture production.

The UCR401 unit is small and compact. It is the perfect build to mount on your camera! Moreover, it is full compatible with all Lectrosonics 400 Series Digital Hybrid Wireless transmitters. The user can charge the receiver via AA batteries or AC power.
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