Leitz/Leica Summilux-C T1.4 50mm PL Lens



Designed and built to deliver optimum optical performance when wide open, the Leica Summilux-C  T1.4 50mm PL Lens is part of the C.W. Sonderoptic line of Summilux-C cinema lenses. The Summilux-C lenses all feature a minimum image circle of 33mm, so they each comfortably cover Super 35 without corner softness or darkening. It features a titanium PL mount, a cam-driven focus mechanism, and focus scales marked in feet. The T1.4 maximum aperture is consistent among the range, so there is no concern about exposure variations when cutting between Summilux-C lenses. Each lens incorporates cine-style geared focus and iris control rings, which share the same position, so swapping lenses can be done without having to adjust your follow focus or lens control system.

The lens features an internal focus design, which means a non-rotating front perfect for clip-on matte boxes. The 300° of focus rotation provides for accurate focus pulling, and the focus markings from 6′ to infinity are consistent across focal lengths. Front filters with a special 92.5mm threading can be mounted on this lens. All focal lengths in the Summilux-C line up can mount a rear net with an available (but not included) rear net holder. Except for the 135mm, the 95mm diameter front is standard across all Summilux-C lenses. The 50mm lens weighs only 3.9 pounds.

Consistent Color and Contrast

The Summilux-C lenses feature consistent color and contrast from lens-to-lens across focal lengths for smooth cutting between lenses. This consistency allows you to assemble your lens package over time without having to compare multiple lenses to find one that matches your existing lenses when expanding your package.

Cam Driven Focus

The Summilux-C lenses feature focus cams as opposed to the standard helicoid focus mechanism. The cam focus mechanism wears better than helicoid, so your lenses remain accurate and with less focus play for longer between lens services.


The cam focus mechanism combined with critical optical design make for virtually no focus breathing.


Although lenses designed for film production do not have to be telecentric, electronic sensors have a limited tolerance for light striking the photosites at extreme angles. To prevent darkening in the edge and corners of the image, Summilux-C lenses are all telecentric in design and construction for a uniform brightness across the sensor.

High Optical Performance

The modern lens design as well as the cine manufacturing process and tight tolerances ensure low distortion, high resolution and excellent color rendition. Although made using spherical elements only, the Summilux-C lenses provide a sharp image with a naturalistic Bokeh.

Focus and Iris Rotation

The 300° of focus rotation provide for extremely accurate focus marks and focus pulls. Focus marks across all focal lengths are consistent from 6′ to infinity. This provides you the accuracy when you need it for close focus, and uniformity between lenses for consistent focus when swapping lenses. The iris features 110° of rotation from open to closed, for accurate focus pulls, either manual or motorized.

Production Oriented

Consistent front diameter and shared focus and iris ring position from lens-to-lens in the series allow for faster lens changes requiring less adjustment of matte boxes and lens accessories.
Leica’s Summilux-C Series lenses have impressive credits including Spike Lee and Netflix’s “She’s Gotta Have It” as well as HBO’s “Westworld.”