Lindsey Optics Large Format Directors Viewfinder Super-35 / Full Frame / VistaVision modules

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LFDV-SET4 Directors Viewfinder Set includes our Super-35, Full Frame and Vistavision modules for Large Format (Alexa 65).

The Lindsey Optics Large Format Optical Directors Viewfinder provides optical through the lens viewing for an unprecedented range of formats including Super-35, Full Frame, VistaVision and ARRI Alexa 65.

At the heart of the LF Directors Viewfinder design are interchangeable modules for quick and easy tool-free format changes. With a push of the red button, each module slips in and out of the LF body and securely nests in place.  Available modules include Large Format (ARRI Alexa 65) VistaVision (RED Monstro 8K), Full Frame (Sony Venice) and Super 35. Ground glasses attach magnetically to the modules. Ground glasses are marked with format frame lines using the included Ground Glass Marking Jig (template), kit. (template) kit.

The LF Viewfinder features an LPL lens mount and includes an LPL to PL adapter.

The Eyepiece provides diopter adjustment from -4 to +4 diopter.

The LF is designed for intuitive and comfortable balance regardless of changing loads. The NATO Rails on the base of the viewfinder and on the base of the optional handle extension provide balance adjustment. The contoured Oak handle offers a firm and comfortable grip while the Handle Pivot knob activates rosette adjustment. The handle can be mounted directly on the bottom viewfinder body, or to balance heavier lenses the handle can be mounted on the bottom of the included handle extension.

Format frame lines are marked on the ground glass with pencil using marking jigs (templets) A Ground Glass Marking Jig Set is included with the LFDV Set