LiteGear LiteRibbon Pro Kit (Hybrid)

Rent LiteGear LiteRibbon Pro Kit (Hybrid) in NYC



The LiteGear LiteRibbon Pro Kit – (Hybrid, V1) was personally designed by professional Hollywood set lighting technicians to accommodate almost every need and every budget. Each kit contains the essentials for installing and controlling your LiteRibbon. LiteRibbon Pro Kits make perfect additions to any set lighting truck and are ideal for any role, from DOPs to set decorators who need specialty lighting at a moment’s notice. As the most compact LiteGear LiteRibbon Pro Kit, the Reality Kit is designed for easy transport and quick setup, anywhere, anytime.

Flexible, cuttable, and adhesive-backed, LiteRibbon can be used nearly anywhere. Thin enough to be mounted to a mobile phone, small enough to be installed into an actor’s helmet, or large enough to be spread out over a 4′ x 4′ panel, LiteRibbon is limited only by your imagination.

This kit features the Hybrid version, with a flicker-free LED LiteDimmer to control your LiteRibbon. It also contains an AC to DC power supply, extension cables and adapters, an auto/cigarette power adapter, and an alkaline battery holder.

LiteStix Pro are factory-assembled with “Half Round” aluminum profiles and a frosted poly lens. They include the all-new VHO Pro LiteRibbon in Hybrid (3200~6000K). They are completely wired, with 12″ (30cm) overall length. Production designers and art directors will love the look, while the set lighting department will enjoy the straightforward controls and ease of use.