Matthews Intel-A-Jib


Rent Matthews Intel-A-Jib in New York City.

The Intel-A-Jib from Matthews features a one-piece X-Box Extrusion modular beam. This design element offers good anti-deflection and anti-distortion of the arm. The Intel-A-Jib sets up in less than 2 minutes without any tool due to the V-Lock component connector locking system. With extensions of either 10 or 6’ in length, the Intel-A-Jib can accept virtually any camera package, expanding the image-making creativity.

The Intel-A-Jib uses the internationally accepted Mitchell Mounting System to interface with the support tripod system and for camera mounting. Mounting the Intel-A-Jib to the Matthews MT-1 Heavy-Duty Tripod and DL-7 Dolly (both sold separately) allows you to quickly and easily position the fixture, thereby ensuring many more opportunities to capture that perfect shot.