Matthews Lazy Suzy Swivel Platform Mitchell Base

Available for Rent in New York City!

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The Matthews Lazy Suzy Swivel Platform Mitchell Base is a heavy-duty articulated double-swivel camera positioning platform that supports up to seventy pounds, and allows you to place the camera anywhere within a 25″ diameter circle without having to reposition an available dolly, tripod, or car mount rig. This can be a great time saver when making minor camera position adjustments when working with heavy equipment. It can be extremely useful when mounting your camera to a car mount when there is limited room for position adjustment.

The Lazy Suzy features a Mitchell type base for mounting to an available camera support such as; tripod, dolly, or car mount, and includes the required tools to make position adjustments. The camera can be secured firmly for traveling shots, process trailers, or lock-off shots with incorporated 1/4″ and 3/8″ tapped holes. The included two-inch riser posts allow you to position the camera throughout the full 360° horizontal range of motion The Lazy Suzy is built to be durable, and is made from black hard anodized aluminum, and stainless steel. The Lazy Suzy is weather proof from minus 40 to 180°F.

Matthews recommends exercising common sense and good judgment when working with the Lazy Suzy, and always remember to lock the system down when working on a moving vehicle.

  • Supports up to seventy pounds at full extension.
  • Provides position adjustment without moving the camera support, this is for positioning only, and should not be used as a slider.
  • The Lazy Suzy is built to be durable, each unit is made with 6161 T-6 black hard anodized aluminum. All steel parts are type 304 stainless steel. Bushings are made from black Acetal. All bolts, nuts, and washers are grade 18-8 stainless steel. The adjustment keys are made from steel with black power coat finish.
  • No lubrication is required for the Lazy Suzy to operate properly, it works dry.
  • Clean with mild soap and water.