Proaim Wave9 16-40ft Camera Jib/Crane

Available for Rent in New York City!


“Bring a Whole New Level of Creativity to your Shot Creation & Visual Storytelling!

Take Your Next Production To New Heights!”

User Manual

Creative & Professional Shooting Solution:

  • Uplift your creative potential and tease your audience with suspense and impressive viewpoint using the professional Proaim Wave-9 40ft Crane/Jib with Big Heavy-Duty Stand and Dolly.
  • It lets you capture incredible smooth & dynamic shots while promising high reliability and maximum performance.
  • The Jib supports Pan Tilt Heads & 3-Axis Camera Gimbals & Video Film & Broadcasting Cameras.
  • And its sturdy structure made of High-grade CNC Aluminum offers excellent strength with a payload capacity of up to 21kg / 46.3lb.

Expertly Crafted High-Performance Jib:

  • Our modular Jib is engineered for optimum reliability and performance.
  • It features a central Fork that offers smooth pan-tilt movements while absorbing the operator’s undesired vibration or movement.
  • The color-coded suspension cables let you assemble the entire setup quickly.
  • These cables add stability to your Jib system by limiting distortions in any shooting environment.
  • And we have included Hi-tensile weight bars to add counterweights, offering perfect balance for steady and effective shooting.

Smartly Designed Arm Sections:

  • The triangular-shaped jib arm sections are divided into 13 sections and each section fit smoothly and securely into another one.
  • It has dual lock mechanism that strengthens the Crane System and makes it more durable.
  • Also, Arm length is adjustable, ranging from 16ft to 40ft (16ft, 22ft, 34ft & 40ft), perfect for any shooting scenarios.
  • Holes have been added to the tube section to save weight and reduce wind pressure without compromising the strength of the Jib.

Solid Foundation with Ease Of Movement:

  • Since safety and stability are top priorities, we’ve paired a heavy-duty jib stand and dolly to give rock-solid platform for your 40ft crane.
  • The heavy-duty jib stand is super sturdy, and its unbeatable strength makes it an ideal support for your 40ft jib/crane.
  • And the heavy-duty dolly offers exceptional maneuverability with an impressive payload of up to 600kg/1323lb to carry & move the heaviest of loads with ease.
  • Adding to it, this portable floor dolly owns an outstanding framework with pneumatic wheels, leveling supports, steering, and wheel locks that upgrade your user experience.

Comes with either Set Up:

Mitchell Base Set Up

Ronin M/MX Mount Set Up or Ronin M/MX adapter to Ronin 2