Quasar Science R-Rainbox RGBX 4′ LED Lamp



Rent Quasar Science R-Rainbox RGBX 4′ LED Lamp in New York City and Brooklyn.

Quasar Science’s new Q-LED Rainbow Linear LED Lamps can illuminate your set with all the colors of the RGBX spectrum and then some, from vibrant, saturated colors to light pastels. They also feature powerful white light capabilities, going up to 2000°K Candlelight and 6000°K Daylight.

Additionally, each lamp is equipped with a DMX port, in order to chain lamps together. They feature standard Lumen Radio CRMX transceivers, allowing you to control them remotely using any compatible transmitters.

Each lamp has an OLED display, giving you full control over the intensity, temperature, hue, saturation, +/- green, effects and more.
Includes: POWER 1G GROUNDED TRI-PIN Edison Plug
Click here for all the specs.