Rhino Camera Gear Ultimate Slider Bundle

Available for Rent in NYC


The Ultimate Slider Bundle from Rhino Camera Gear includes the 42″ stainless steel Slider Pro, ARC II 4-axis motorized head, Rhino Focus for ARC II, and high-speed and high-torque motors. It also includes interchangeable 24″ carbon fiber rails for better mobility where applicable, and a hard carry case with designated compartments for the entire bundle. The ARC II is a highly advanced motorized pan and tilt device. With the slider, slider motors, ARC II, and Rhino Focus, you get a sophisticated 4-axis setup that lets you keyframe motion and rack focus. The high-speed slider motor is designed for horizontal slides, while the high-torque motor is for incline and vertical shots.

Rhino Camera Gear Slider Pro (42″)

The 42″ Pro Slider from Rhino Camera Gear is an ultra-rigid, modular camera slider that supports loads up to 30 lb. This stainless steel slider is even more rigid than the previous version and uses an oversized knob to mount quickly and easily on your tripod, no slider spinning required. Use the Pro Slider with separately available components like the Flywheel for smooth manual slides, the High-Torque Motor for vertical motion, or the Arc II motion control unit. Optional carbon fiber rails are available to support various rig configurations.

The Rhino Pro Slider features all-terrain legs for leveling on almost any surface and a 3/8″-16 carriage screw for mounting your camera or ball head. This 42″ slider incorporates a center and two end Tripod Quick Mounts. Vertical travel is enhanced by a newly designed end plate with a press-fit pulley mount that eliminates slippage.

Key Features:
  • 42″ stainless steel rails
  • Easy-to-use center and two end Tripod Quick Mounts
  • Increased rigidity from previous version
  • Interchangeable with separately available rails
  • Supports loads up to 30 lb
  • New end-plate design for smooth vertical moves
  • Use with optional Flywheel, High-Torque Motor, and/or Arc II motion controller
  • Camera carriage with 3/8″-16 screw
  • Integrated carriage brake
  • 3/8″-16 and 1/4″-20 mounting threads
  • Folding all-terrain legs
Rhino Camera Gear Arc II 4-Axis Motorized Pan/Tilt Head

Perform smooth, precise, quiet camera moves automatically with this Arc II 4-Axis Motorized Pan/Tilt Head from Rhino Camera Gear. The base Arc II can perform pan and tilt operations, and optional slider and focus options are available separately, making it capable of full 4D operations. It mounts a camera with/or fluid head using its Manfrotto 501-type quick release plate and 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 screw options. The head can support a cinema camera rig up to 15 lb in weight, and its motors are ultraquiet.

Powerful Arc II features include time-lapse, light-lapse mode that performs night-to-day time-lapse, facial tracking, keyframe presets, and camera power options. The head integrates seamlessly with Rhino sliders so setup with another axis is a breeze. You can control the modes and movement of the Arc II using the integrated joysticks, or you can utilize wireless iOS control with an Arc II control app.

To power the Arc II, it features internal 4400mAh lithium-ion batteries that are charged using the included international charger kit. It also features a power-saving mode and automatically shuts down when it’s not in use for 15 minutes. It can operate via an optional slider at up to a 90° angle with up to 5 to 15 lb rig weight and a separately available high-torque motor.

Key Features:
  • Up to 4-axis head with pan and tilt built-in; slide and focus are optional
  • 15 lb load capacity
  • Ultraquiet motor operation
  • Real-time control of Arc II using iOS via wireless or by using the onboard joysticks
  • Presets using keyframes for creating repeatable shots
  • Can be used vertically with an optional high-torque motor
  • Manfrotto 501-type quick release camera plate with 1/4″-20 and 3/8″-16 mounting screws
  • One 3/8″-16 mounting thread on the bottom
  • Powers using built-in lithium-ion batteries and charges with included 2.1mm barrel adapter and international charging kit
  • Powers down after 15 minutes of idle time to save battery life
  • Automatic face tracking technology
  • Time-lapse with night-to-day light-lapse feature
  • Power your camera using Arc II power with an optional cable
  • Easy to set up and fully compatible with Rhino Gear tripods and slider
Rhino Camera Gear Focus for Arc II

The Focus for Arc II from Rhino Camera Gear enables you to add precision focus moves to your Arc II motion control shots. Suitable for both slider and tripod use, the Rhino Focus works by shifting focus automatically between your two chosen keyframes.

This focus system features a cine-standard 0.8 MOD gear and mounts via its 15mm carbon fiber rod. It also includes an adjustable rubber lens gear and a power cable.

Rhino Camera Gear High Speed Slider Motor

Outfit your camera slider for high-speed shots with this High Speed Slider Motor from Rhino. This high-speed motor can attach to any Rhino slider and can connect to the Arc II for camera automation. The low-profile motor can move a 5 lb load at a 20° angle and can move at 5″ per second. Both 24 and 42″ motor cables are included with the motor.

Rhino Camera Gear High Torque Slider Motor

Outfit your camera slider for vertical-torque shots with this High Torque Slider Motor from Rhino. This high-torque motor can attach to any Rhino slider and can connect to the Arc II for camera automation. The low-profile motor can move a 10 lb load at a 90° angle and can move at 1″ per second. Both 24 and 42″ motor cables are included with the motor.

Rhino Camera Gear Interchangeable Carbon Slider Rails (24″)

This pair of Interchangeable Carbon Slider Rails from Rhino Camera Gear enables you to easily change the length and load capacity of your Rhino slider. The 24″ lightweight rails are constructed of precision-ground carbon fiber and are ultra-rigid, supporting up to 15 lb. A center Tripod Quick Mount enable you to quickly mount the rails.

  • 24″ lightweight carbon fiber rails
  • Easy-to-use Tripod Quick Mount in the center
  • Supports loads up to 15 lb
Rhino Camera Gear Hard-Shell Slider Carrying Case

The dedicated Hard-Shell Slider Carrying Case is designed to safely transport your Rhino Camera Gear slider and its accessories. Constructed of aluminum and a composite, this locking case features a recessed top handle and wheels. It is lined with high-density EVA foam and has four accessory pockets in its lid.

This hard-shell case will fit your 24 or 42″ Rhino slider, interchangeable rails, Rhino Arc II pan/tilt head, Rhino Focus unit, both High Speed and High Torque Motors, and Ultra-Fast Charger.

  • Rhino slider (24 or 42″)
  • Interchangeable rails (24 or 42″)
  • Rhino Arc II
  • Rhino Focus
  • Rhino motor (both high speed and high torque)
  • Ultra-fast charger