Sachtler FSB 10 Mark II 100mm Fluid Head with Sideload Mechanism

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Create fluid and smooth pans and tilts while supporting a wide range of camera heights with the precision-made Sachtler FSB 10 Mark II Fluid Head with Sideload Mechanism, which supports payloads up to 26.5 lb. Designed to accommodate digital cinema-style cameras, the head offers Sachtler’s Sideload mechanism with a sliding range of 4.7″. It also features a 15-step counterbalance along with horizontal and vertical 7-step drag controls. In addition, a zero setting on the pan and tilt drag controls allows free movement of the head, useful for whip pans and tilts.

Suitable for interior and exterior work, the head offers consistent and reliable operation from -40 to 140°F, and it features a 100mm bowl with an integrated flat base, allowing you to mount the head on legs and supports with either a 100mm bowl or a flat base fitting. The head features a bubble level with a prism system, so you can set your head to level while seeing the bubble level from above or to the side. The bubble level is illuminated for easy leveling in poor light conditions. A pan handle that can be mounted on either side of the head is also included.

  • Leveling Ball with Flat Base
  • The fluid head features a 100mm ball for quick leveling on your tripod legs. The ball features a flat base, so you can also mount it on a flat surface.
  • Frictionless Leakproof Fluid Damping
  • Frictionless leakproof fluid damping with five levels of drag enables precision adjustment to match the needs of your shot. A zero setting allows complete disengagement of drag for fast panning.
  • Camera Mounting and Balancing
  • Features a sideload mechanism with a sliding range of 4.7″ that offers the ease of a touch-and-go quick release plate and the balancing capability of a sliding baseplate. This sideload setup allows for up to 4.7″ of balance plate travel.