Sony BVM-D20

Rent Sony BVM-D20 in New York City.

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Rent Sony BVM-D20 in New York City.

Part of Sony BVM “D” Series Monitors, the BVM-D20F1U is optimized for the DTV world. The monitor supports 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i inputs; it accepts signals with a frequency range of 15.625 kHz to 45 kHz; and features SMPTE-C standard phosphors in the CRT with 900 TV lines of resolution. Four new option slots with new input decoder and expansion boards are available for a variety of input configurations. Other features include a built-in auto set-up system for chroma, phase, and white balance; a Digital Uniformity Adjustment menu for adjustment of color and brightness variance at the edges of the screen; and ITU 709 Matrix interchangeability.

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