Tiffen 2-Filter Kit with Zenmuse X7, X5S, X5R & X5

Available for Rent in New York City

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The Tiffen 2-Filter Starter Kit for DJI Inspire 2 provides two filters essential for greater aperture and shutter speed control when capturing aerial footage. This 46mm round filter kit is comprised of ND 1.5 and circular polarizer filters.

The 5-stop neutral density filter darkens your entire image, enabling the use of a wider aperture to control depth of field or a slower shutter speed to highlight movement. Tiffen’s NATural ND line is designed for cine-style camera sensors like that in the Zenmuse.

Use the circular polarizer to minimize reflections, reduce glare, and increase image contrast. The reduction in contrast also enables truer reproduction of colors, including blue skies.

While the DJI Inspire 2 filters are threaded front and back, beware of a shift in the gimbal’s weight if using more than one filter at a time. The polarizer rotates within its frame for easier positioning when cutting reflections.

  • ND 1.5 filter enables the use of a wider aperture to control depth of field or shutter speed
  • Circular polarizer rotates within its frame, minimizing reflections, reducing glare, and increasing image contrast