Angenieux 135mm T1.8 Optimo Prime Full-Frame PL Lens

Available for Rent in New York City!


The Optimo Prime 135mm T1.8 Lens from Angenieux is available only as part of the Optimo Prime Platinum premium cinema prime lens set. This PL-mount lens features a very fast T1.8 maximum aperture, Cooke /i and ARRI LDS lens metadata transmission, a replaceable iris blade unit, 320° focus rotation, and user-configurable bokeh. It shares a matching color profile with the entire Optimo range including the Optimo zoom lenses. Each lens in the set also features nonlinear zoom and iris, internal glass optical elements, and a rear filter option. All the Optimo Prime lenses have a 95mm front diameter (except the 200mm), making it easy to swap lenses without changing your focus motor or matte box setups.

Full Frame

A 46.3mm image circle covers up to full-frame sensors

Matches Zooms

Color-matched with the Optimo zoom lenses

Fast T1.8 Aperture

  • Fast T1.8 maximum aperture offers low-light capture
  • Nonlinear marks for precision focus pulls
  • Ability to focus past infinity and under the close focus mark

Lens Metadata

Transmits Cooke i/ and ARRI LDS lens data to compatible cameras

Compact Size

A compact and lightweight design offers full-frame capture for handheld and gimbal use

Configurable Bokeh

A replaceable iris blade unit offers user-configurable bokeh effects, including anamorphic effects

Wide Focus Throw

Precise and ergonomic focus ring with wide 320° rotation

Rear Filter

A rear filter unit can be used to apply filter looks without over-stacking your matte box