Angenieux EZ-3 45-165mm T2.3 S35 // 68-250mm T3.5 FF PL/EF Cinema Zoom Lens

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The Angenieux EZ-3 45-165mm T2.3 S35 // 68-250mm T3.5 FF PL/EF Cinema Zoom Lens consists of a compact PL-mount zoom lens plus both Super35 and FF/VistaVision rear lens-groups, enabling you to use the zoom with a wide range of cine-style cameras. Simply swap out the rear group to use this versatile 3.7x ratio zoom with the format of your choice on a project-by-project basis. The ARRI PL mount can be changed for separately available Sony E or Canon EF mounts, further expanding the EZ-3 zoom’s versatility.This lens features industry-standard 0.8 MOD focus, iris, and zoom gears for compatibility with follow focus units and lens control motors. The 114mm front diameter enables you to work with a wide variety of rod-supported matte boxes.

Interchangeable Rear Optics

  • Angenieux’s innovative quick IRO (Interchangeable Rear Optics) system provides a compact, two-in-one sensor-format compatibility solution.
  • The included screw-mounted S35 and full-frame/VistaVision real optical blocks can be changed in the field by users.
  • Extender: the full-frame rear group also functions as a 1.5x extender for S35 capture.
  • No crop factor: the 22mm/T3 wide-angle end for large format cameras converts the lens into a 15mm/T2.0 for S35 cameras, maintaining a similar field of view with extra gain in the T-stop.

Interchangeable Lens Mounts

  • This EZ-3 zoom lens ships with an ARRI PL mount, which can be swapped with separately available Sony E, Canon EF, or Canon RF lens mounts for compatibility with a truly wide variety of cameras.

Fast Maximum Aperture

  • The relatively fast T2.3 maximum aperture in Super35 and the T3.5 in full frame enables you to light to a lower level than would normally be required for many zooms.
  • In full frame, the EZ-3 maintains a constant T-stop from 68-200mm or a constant T-stop across the entire zoom range when the aperture is set to T4.5 or slower.

EZ Series Compatibility

  • The EZ-3 zoom’s Focus/Iris/Zoom gears occupy the same positions as the EZ-1 and EZ-2, enabling it to use the same accessories.
  • This zoom is compatible with the Angenieux MSU-1 and MSU-1A servo units for ENG-style use.

Manual Lens Control Rings

  • Featuring independent manual control rings for focus, iris, and zoom. Each control ring incorporates industry standard 0.8 MOD lens gear teeth.

114mm Front Diameter

  • The EZ-3 shares the same 114mm front common to the Angenieux OPTIMO lens series, enabling you to easily share matte boxes between the EZ-3 and the OPTIMO lenses.
  • A 105mm thread lets you add filters to the front of the lens when you want to eliminate the weight of a matte box.