Arri L5-C Color LED Fresnel Light



The Arri L5-C Color LED Fresnel is part of Arri’s renowned L-Series. This light has the capability to have its hue, tint and color temperature continuously adjusted from 2,800K to 10,000K. Additionally, it features full plus or minus green and RGBW throughout the range. The Arri L5-C Color LED Fresnel is amongst the more compact and lightweight lights in this series. This makes it perfect for any application that requires more mobility or for shooting in tight quarters. This makes the L5 an incredible versatile lighting solution and a perfect addition to Arri’s L-Series. Moreover, the L5 has a very low heat output for such a bright unit. This makes it a very beneficial light for interviews, documentaries, and beyond.

What’s New with the Arri L5-C Color LED Fresnel

Some of the important new features of this light is a powerCON power connector as well as an on-board battery input. This input allows for batteries that are industry-standard to power the unit while mainting all its features and its bright light output. With the addition of this new input, Arri brought the L5 to a whole new level of transportability. Now productions utilizing the L5 have the ability to move quickly and easily. However, this doesn’t mean you have to sacrafice brightness. The L5 consumes a mere 115 watts, while still proving about 45% brighter than a 300W tungsten Fresnel!

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