Arri L7-C Color LED Fresnel Light

Rent Arri L7-C LED Fresnel Light in New York City.




Rent Arri L7-C Color LED Fresnel Light in New York City and Brooklyn.

The L7-C LE2 Color LED Fresnel is part of ARRI’s continuing effort to replace traditional Fresnels with powerful LED versions. These new versions bring along with them unprecedented color control. The L7-C LE2 shares many characteristics of its predecessor but the most obvious improvement is a 25% boost in power, increasing the light’s tungsten equivalency from 750W to 1,000W.
The key characteristic of any Fresnel is flood to spot capability and the L7-C LE2 meets and exceeds expectations with an impressive beam angle of 15-50°. There’s simply no learning curve or accommodation to be made when swapping out L7-C LE2s fixture for fixture with standard Fresnels. In fact, you’re not going to be moving them around or juggling scrims in high places thanks to the 100 – 0% on-board dimming.

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