DZOFilm VESPID Retro Full-Frame 7-Lens Set EF/PL


The DZOFilm VESPID Retro 7-Lens Kit offers a distinctive retro look for your cine-style video capture that combines cool blue tones with warm amber flares. This kit includes 25, 35, 50, 75, 100, and 125mm prime lenses, each with interchangeable PL and EF mounts. The Retro series lenses cover full-frame and VV sensors, they have the same reliable mechanical performance as the original VESPID primes, and offer 270° of barrel rotation for precise focus pulls. Under certain conditions, the Retro primes’ golden coating creates an art-house look with a warm tangerine glow that evokes sun-soaked, dreamy memories.

These lightweight yet durable lenses feature silver aluminum housings which distinguish the Retro lenses from the original DZOFilm VESPID series. The Retro series lenses have an 80mm front diameter, an M77 filter thread, and consistent focus and iris gearing to make swapping between them easier.

  • Retro Aesthetics
  • A golden coating lends these prime lenses a generally cool blue-toned look with a controllable, warm tangerine glow at certain angles. This art-house sensibility is complemented by a silver aluminum housing that distinguishes the Retro series from the original VESPID primes.
  • Amber Hue
  • The amber-hued flares and impressive bokeh evoke a sun-soaked atmosphere that is suitable for representing dreams and memories.
  • Vintage Colors
  • Delicately nuanced tones create vintage colors and dreamlike looks.
  • Mechanical Performance
  • The Retro lenses boast the same reliable mechanical performance as the original VESPID series with consistent focus and iris gear placement, a common 80mm front element, and a wide 270° focus barrel rotation.