Sigma 65mm T1.5 FF High-Speed Cine Prime Lens PL

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The Sigma 65mm T1.5 FF High-Speed Cine Prime Lens combines the same high-quality optics and mechanics of its FF prime line with a cine-oriented design. This 65mm prime with a Canon EF mount offers full-frame sensor coverage, a slightly tighter “normal” look, 6K to 8K resolution, lens markings in feet, and a T1.5 aperture in a compact, lightweight form.

A common 95mm front diameter and similar physical attributes across the lens line make it easier and quicker to mount lens accessories such as matte boxes, follow focuses, and lens control motors. The 9-bladed iris produces pleasing out-of-focus bokeh effects, and ghosting and flaring have been minimized. Color reproduction, high resolution, and distortion correction are standardized for easier color correction and matching across the Art series. Each lens in the range offers consistent lens gear positions and 180° of focus barrel rotation. The FF High-Speed Cine Prime lenses also feature a clickless iris with linear markings, dampeners on each gear ring for silent operation, industry-standard 0.8 MOD gear pitch, and engraved markings for durability.

High Performance
  • High image performance covering full-frame sensors; suitable for 8K capture.
Canon EF Mount
  • The Canon EF mount is compatible with an array of cameras
Fast T1.5 Aperture
  • Fast T1.5 maximum aperture aids in shooting with low light levels.
Standard 65mm Cine Focal Length
  • This 65mm focal length provides a slightly tighter “normal” look in full-frame that is preferred as an alternative to a 50mm prime by many cinematographers.
Unified Look
  • The 65mm features that provide a unified look with the rest of the Art series include high resolution, chromatic aberration and distortion correction, ample peripheral illumination, and vignetting suppression.
95mm Front Diameter
  • Compact, dust- and water-resistant design with a common front diameter of 95mm across the line.
Focus Marks in Feet
  • Lens markings are measured in feet.