Sony 1920GB CFexpress Type B TOUGH Memory Card

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Offering both strength and speed, the Sony 1920GB CFexpress Type B TOUGH Memory Card provides fast read speeds up to 1850 MB/s as well as write speeds up to 1750 MB/s that won’t drop below 400 MB/s, thanks to the VPG-400 spec. This quick performance benefits recording a variety of video resolutions, bit-rates, and compressions, including 8K30p and 6K60p, as well as high-resolution continuous raw photo shooting. Beyond its speed, this TOUGH memory card also has a reinforced physical design to withstand drops from up to 16.4′ and has been rigidity tested to 70 N of force. It’s also resistant to extreme temperatures of -13 to 185°, X-rays, electricity, and UV rays. Two shock-resistant thermal diffusion sheets help absorb shock and dissipate heat. Offering further protection, File Rescue recovery software can be downloaded for recovering lost or even accidentally deleted files and Media Scan Utility can be used to automatically scan CFexpress cards and inform you of the flash memory condition.

Stable Recording Backed by VPG-400 Certification:
This card is VPG-400 certified, ensuring consistent recording of high bit rate video on compatible cinema and interchangeable-lens cameras. It even supports the X-OCN LT compressed raw format for internal recording, such as 8K30p and 6K60p, on the CX96800.
High Capacity for Extended Recording of High Bit Rate Video:
The 1920GB capacity enables longer recording of high bit rate video in cameras including the CineAlta BURANO, so there’s no need to worry about card capacity. This card may also be used for still images.
Quick and User-Friendly Readout, Even with Backup of High Volume Data:
High-speed performance with maximum read and write speeds of 1850 MB/s and 1750 MB/s, respectively, enable efficient data backup after shooting.
Highly Durable Card with 5x Greater Drop Strength and 3x Greater Bendability:
This card is designed to be strong and rugged enough to withstand pressures up to 70 N. That’s approximately three times stronger than the CFexpress Type B card standard, protecting photo data from damage caused by frequent insertion and removal of cards when shooting, and from shocks incurred through dropping and other types of stress.
Designed to Dissipate Heat While Video Is Being Recorded:
The space between the IC components and the substrate receives an underfill so they adhere to one another, which improves connection reliability. Sandwiching the substrate between two shock-resistant thermal diffusion sheets on the top and bottom creates shock absorption, while at the same time enhancing heat dissipation. This reduces temperature rise, which can be an obstacle to high-speed data transfer.
Reliable in Various Conditions:
With specs to withstand a drop from 16.4′ plus resistance to extreme temperatures, X-rays, static electricity, and UV rays, this card can be used in harsh environments.
Media Scan Utility – Media Memory Diagnostic Software:
Sony’s Media Scan Utility desktop app diagnoses the state of the flash memory in memory cards. This free download, when installed on a computer, automatically diagnoses supported memory cards when they are mounted. A warning will be displayed when the number of read/write cycles approaches the card’s limit.
Media Card File Rescue – Data Recovery Software:
Sony’s Memory Card File Rescue is a free desktop app that can recover accidentally deleted image data on memory cards.